Most people want to lose weight, and their reasons for wanting it are vastly different. Weight fluctuates and can cause issues in physical and mental health. We appreciate the frustration of having a weight loss goal New Year after New Year only to feel that the goal is unreachable. At Soul Whiskey, we will guide you through your weight loss journey in a healthy and positive way.

Though there are many different methods for weight loss, we believe that one must look at several factors to truly allow your body to feel safe letting go of the weight and food that has kept you feeling protected and comfortable within your world. We teach our clients the best ways to close the door to overeating and dysfunctional eating patterns.

person on weight scale

exercise equipment with apple and bottle water

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so we believe in taking a unique approach to the weight loss puzzle. What works for Harry doesn’t always work for Sally. At Soul Whiskey, we develop a personalized approach to come up with the best formula for you, considering your lifestyle, family dynamic, and body composition.

Our goal is to empower you throughout your weight loss journey. Finally, you’re in total control and can achieve your goal weight regardless of how many times you feel like you’ve failed before. Our role throughout this process is to offer you support while illuminating the patterns and triggers that have caused the dysfunctional relationship you’ve developed with food.