At Soul Whiskey, we offer a well-rounded corporate coaching service. We get clear on the daily practices of your company and the dynamics between executives and employees. We observe what works and what doesn’t. We study the flow of energy even if you have no idea what that means. We work with you to build a strategy to achieve your goals. Your business will become more profitable in every way possible.

Our employee coaching will help develop each individual into the best version possible. We will uncover their “zone of genius” so that it becomes easy for them to succeed. We create an environment of refreshing honesty and transparency so that we can identify the REAL issues and deal with them efficiently. During these sessions, we work with executives to help them see how they are the master and commander of their own success so that they can begin to achieve the level of success that will benefit everyone.

woman speaking in front of group

man speaking in front of group

Our overall goal is to excavate the big issues
so that you and your employees can get real with one another in regard to what the best solution is to move forward while simultaneously facilitating a fun and positive work environment that creates growth and progress.