At Soul Whiskey, we offer incredible small group retreats and workshops to those who are ready for a profound change in their lives. We can provide the retreat in your area or within the beautiful landscape of Boise, Idaho. Be prepared to experience an amazing weekend full of transformation, illumination, and realization, all while receiving 5 Star treatment. When you join us for a retreat, our goal is to ensure you feel taken care of, body and soul.

These experiences are personalized. We enjoy catering to specific goals and objectives to provide laser-focused attention to the subjects that interest you most. Expect change and expect total transformation. Retreats may include sharing, hiking, yoga, boating, and exploring.

Though we hope that our participants relax and enjoy the time away from some of life’s daily stresses, our retreats will inspire you to think through and process some of those burning questions that plague you deep into the night. Though it may feel emotionally challenging, every person that attends our workshops will walk away with an intense feeling of a “job well done.”

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We offer different styles of retreats, some are more focused on independent development and growth, and others are provided in a group setting. Our participants naturally embrace the vulnerability that our retreats inspire and accept the opportunity to be immersed in a safe, healing environment. Throughout your time with us, you will bond with others who resonate with the goals or stories you have brought to the group.

Our retreat and workshop services are also offered at a corporate level. We will join your corporate event and provide small group workshops, motivational inspiration, and the opportunity to get EVERYONE on the same page so that you can feel excited about upping the anté as you move towards your next quarter’s goals.