Tifané has years of experience with motivational speaking. When we join you and your team, we use our own personal hardships to achieve a point of inspiration with our audience. Because of our belief system at Soul Whiskey, we have learned to see things on a deep level that reaches way past the surface. We preach our ways of life and teach others that they can achieve anything they put their time and effort into.

For those in a corporate setting, our motivational speeches can take your team from point A to point B, whatever the goal may be. We can target specific aspects of your company that need improvement and inspire your team to make those changes.

We have the unique ability to captivate an audience and engage, move energy, enlighten, and bring the feeling of success and empowerment to a crowd. We work to motivate an entire team based on the individual goals of the company.

motivational speaker at a conference

woman on edge of cliff

We lend our stories to the audience so they may become theirs, and it gives them a deeper and more personal understanding of the goal. We combine motivational speaking with energy moving with the art of inspiring, illuminating the truth, and adding some humor to engage the audience fully. We don’t believe in speaking abstractly; every one of our speeches comes from some kind of personal experience.

We speak to groups of all sizes, from small groups of 25-100 people to Lunch and Learns. So any kind of group can benefit from our motivational speaking at Soul Whiskey.