At Soul Whiskey, we attract those who are open and excited to create a new life. Are you ready to refund your pain for the experience of pleasure? We believe that life coaching is a game changer when it comes to recreating. In order to coach others, you have to have lived a life full of experiences. Tifané, a mother of 3, has lived a life full of puzzles. She doesn’t believe in labeling the experience rather she dedicated her life to solving the puzzles that plague so many of us. Her youngest son was born severely brain damaged in 2005, providing her with the ultimate challenge of surrendering into the absolute devastation she felt over the loss of what she perceived and dreamed would be her baby’s life. She shares her knowledge and deep understanding of the human condition and spirituality to help others create health, wealth, and happiness. Soul Whiskey is motivated by helping others step into their zone of genius, that thing you do easily and effortlessly without thinking. Doing so allows us to live a prosperous, illuminated life full of high-caliber, juicy experiences. Are you at the point in your life where you want to surround yourself with people and experiences that ignite you and light you on fire?

For those wanting to work with Soul Whiskey in their professional, familial, romantic, and personal lives, we encourage you to trust our process and be prepared to potentially feel some discomfort while allowing your life to be transformed. Soul Whiskey represents illumination while simultaneously nurturing a fresh, new perspective.

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The soul wants to be nurtured ….not the way that a wife or a partner would nurture you. Not in the way family and friends support and love you but in the way that a dentist gets in there and palpates the sticky, icky, rotten part of the tooth that needs to drilled out and filled with a fresh, stronger material.

There are two types of people that we frequently encounter: those who recognize the need for dental care despite the discomfort, pain, and annoyance of it all and those who are willing to allow their teeth to rot because they’d rather live in denial that there’s a few habits that have been repeated year after year that has contributed to the pain and decay within their mouth.

There’s also a third group that is rare but present. This group is born with incredible genetics and great hygiene practices. They might never need to go to the dentist other than for an occasional checkup that will ultimately confirm that their mouth is healthy and doing well.

Tifané is a soul surgeon! She’s drawn towards those “sticky,” painful, uncomfortable areas of your life that could use a “check-up” and ultimately a removal. Most of us are in total & complete denial regarding our own inner pain & discomfort. We’re not taught to feel it….we’re not taught to identify or talk about it.

Some of you reading this will say to yourselves, “That’s me! I know I have some pain I’d like to take care of….to extract and replace with happiness, prosperity, or health.”

The “pain” that you’re feeling may be personal and pertaining to the heart….it might be financial and preventing you from experiencing the prosperity that you dream about, or it may be physical showing up within your body as pain, disease, or excess weight.

Our process involves using special tools to inspire realizations that will alter your mindset to create the life you desire.

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